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Ioffer and other sellers

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1Ioffer and other sellers Empty Ioffer and other sellers on Mon Dec 12, 2011 7:51 pm


The longer I'm in this rep business, the more lessons I learn. Unfortunately for me, I'm learning them during the holiday season when I'm the most anxious and need some of these items the most.

So, when you're ordering from ioffer, please know that "free shipping" most of the time means Airmail, which takes anywhere from 15-30 days. Yes, THIRTY. Most of the time, you have the option of faster shipment by EMS, but you must ask/notify the seller and also be willing to pay extra.

I've ordered so many things from so many dealers over the past month, I've lost track. But I've only received shipment from my Ebay purchases.

This is something we really don't have to worry about with our trusted sellers. Neutral Yes fees are higher, but we can have the merchandise in our hot little hands within a week's period. Just something to remember.

2Ioffer and other sellers Empty Re: Ioffer and other sellers on Mon Dec 12, 2011 8:12 pm


Thanks for letting me know - I would have never ever guessed!

Oh, and I first read this as "I'm no longer in this rep business..." as opposed to "The longer I'm in this rep business"! My heart almost stopped! Gosh I'm so tired.... but good thing that you're not leaving Razz

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